The importance of now. This is why we’re organizing 365PlusOne.

Lindell Singleton — producer and filmmaker — wrote an Op/Ed piece for Black Maternal Health week. You can read it here: Since the public health nightmare surrounding black maternal health and black infant mortality continues, he is developing a grassroots/grasstops organization to craft  a series of practical, workable solutions to address this ‘public health nightmare’ (as described by members attending a Congressional Briefing.)  We are inviting  virtuous, hard-working persons in health care, social work, government, clergy, media and the community to participate in this ground breaking organization with clear goals — we seek to define the problem, identify solutions and commit to more than just talk– but, the systematic execution of plans that will dramatically reduce the level of disparities in black maternal health and black infant mortality. Contact  the project publicist here: with a note about why this is important to you. Or, send a resume/CV.