A Reformation?

The exceedingly high death rate of Black infants—as compared to other races — must claim the attention of physicians, philanthropists, religious leaders, county health officers and other community-based stakeholders. We will continue to identify the causes and factors responsible for the destruction of black infant lives—leading to deaths before a first birthday— and face them.

In our belief, ‘better parents are needed to have better children.’ I am, by definition, expanding the traditional definition of ‘parent’ away from father, mother or grandparent to include members of the community who can— and should —take a demonstrable interest in the lives of black infants.

I believe there must be a general awakening to this public health crisis and each of us accept responsibility to help black infants get to their first birthday. From that point, let us then look to firmly establish systems that give black infants chance to make the most of their lives.

Do we need a reformation? I say, ‘yes!’


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