Black Infants, Black Moms– Our Vision

Does It Truly Matter?

Forces inimical to the lives of black children have been unleashed on our communities. Simply stated, we’re in a mess. And what do we know about ‘messes’? The same level of aberrant thinking that gets you into a mess is neither deep enough or broad enough to get you out.

Film and television represent the most dominant and influential art form and communications methods of the last 100 years. Much of what we see and think and feel is influenced by visual storytelling.

The_Gap will be a documentary series. Upon completion, the story will be available across multiple digital channels— and, if we are fortunate, on public television. Dr. William Callaghan, senior scientist at the National Center for Health Promotion, cited during a Congressional hearing that over 500,000 babies are born premature each year in the United States. Additionally, preterm birth is an important risk for infant mortality and more than 33% of infant deaths can be attributed to preterm birth.
“Preterm birth and infant mortality are particularly critical issues in the African American community,” advises Dr. Callaghan. “African American women are one and half times more likely to deliver a preterm infant compared to white women.” Callaghan continued, “And the infant mortality rate for black infants is more than twice that of white infants.”

“African-Americans in the medical community must take a strong, persuasive leadership role to create awareness and education on this national crisis. Film is a powerful way to tool and I’m pleased to be part of this influential campaign,” said Ladrian P. Brown, MD.

We must face this public health crisis with purpose, resolve and commitment.


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