San Bernardino County Confront BIMR

As we continue sharing our vision for confronting BIMR through our documentary series entitled, The_Gap, more and more communities are presenting stories about this as a matter of pubic health. San Bernardino County (California) reports a BIMR of 13.2 against 5.2 for infants of other races. Stunning, not really. Tragic is more accurate. Here is the piece.

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1000 Acts of Service

Our work to shine the light on Black Infant Mortality (BIMR) and Maternal Morbidity is an expression of our commitment to humanity. Last year, we began working alongside Medical Wings, International and Love and Light Ministries to provide care for some who happen to live on the street or are homeless.  Many thanks to my colleagues Glenda Johnson and Heather Dixon for their sustaining work on this project. Here is a short documentary introducing the story: 1000 Acts of Service

The_Gap – A Series About Infant Mortality

Watch our sizzle reel.

Our work in developing  The_Gap: A Series About Black Infant Mortality, has led us to conclude there are eight primary factors influencing Black Infant Mortality and Maternal Deaths. Our series, over eight episodes, will present extraordinary moving stories of hope and loss that will serve to illuminate this public health nightmare.

Reality Check: Black Infant Mortality is Real

Our series— The_Gap— is scripted and designed to illuminate the factors which lead to Black Infant Mortality and Maternal Morbidity. Thanks to journalist @_erinmansfield for reporting on the townhall event and the sheer importance of the topic: